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White dot tent + gray dot mat

The best benefit of this pet teepee tent? You'll always know where your dog is.
Gray and white dog tipi provide neutral, monochromatic appeal and will transform any room into the space of your pet's dream.
Perfect hideaway for when your pets don't want to be disturbed while taking a nap.

Complete set:
1. Natural wood frame (white finish)
2. Cover made of heavy-weight premium fabric.
3. Cushion filled with eco-friendly fiber.
4. Assembly instructions

• Models: @lifeofyogibear
and @pugalicious_vinny

Pick the size help chart.
Large teepee
Medium teepee
Large teepee
Medium teepee
Not sure what size to choose? We are here to help.
Not sure what size to choose?
We are here to help.