Star gray dog (cat) teepee tent

Teepee decor
Looking for a personalized dog and cat gift that combines style and comfort?

Introducing our Gray Star pet teepee tent, a delightful addition to any home decor. With its bright, cozy, and thoroughly modern aesthetic, Dog&Teepee embraces the perfect balance of form and function. We believe that pet spaces should not only be beautiful but also practical.

This versatile pet bed is not limited to just dogs and cats - it's also a cozy retreat for bunnies, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs. The assembly process takes just a few minutes, and its flexibility allows you to effortlessly move it around your home to find the ideal spot.

Let your pet's dreams align with the stars in this captivating pet tent, where the bond between a pet and their dreams shines bright.

Complete set:
1. Natural wood frame (white finish)
2. Cover made of high-quality fabric.
3. Cushion filled with eco-friendly fiber.
4. Assembly instructions

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Not sure what size, color, or style to choose? We are here to help.
Not sure what size, color or style to choose?
We are here to help.