Boho Fringe Burgundy teepee tent

Teepee decor
urgundyFringe Pet Teepee Tent with a cozy mat in stylish Burgundy color.
Unleash the boho vibes with our unique Boho dog bed, perfect for bunnies and guinea pigs too!
Crafted from heavy-weight canvas with durable sanded wooden dowels, this canvas teepee is both sturdy and chic. The package includes an ultra-soft matching pet cushion, making it the ultimate comfort zone for your furry companion.
From sleep to play, this versatile teepee offers endless possibilities. It's a delightful hangout or a secret hideout, providing ideal privacy for your best friend's little escape moments!

Complete set:
1. Natural wood frame (burgundy finish)
2. Cover made of heavy-weight premium fabric.
3. Cushion filled with eco-friendly fiber.
4. Assembly instructions

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Not sure what size, color, or style to choose? We are here to help.
Not sure what size, color or style to choose?
We are here to help.