Boho Beige pet teepee bed

Teepee decor
Beige pet teepee tent by Dog&Teepee in boho style. Dog bed for Frenchies, Pugs, Maltese, Noodles, Cockapoos, etc.

It's stylish, it's romantic, it's fun and it has the power to transform the life of your pet.

Made of 100% cotton, natural wood and filled with eco-friendly fiber this tent will become the coziest spot on earth for your pet.

Complete set:
1. Natural wood frame (white finish)
2. Cover made of heavy-weight premium fabric.
3. Cushion filled with eco-friendly fiber.
4. Assembly instructions

Pick the size help chart.
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Not sure what size, color, or style to choose? We are here to help.
Not sure what size, color or style to choose?
We are here to help.